OSS World Wide Movers is the largest specialist international personal effects shipping company in Australia.

Established in 1969 as Overseas Shipping Services, we have remained to this day, a specialist “international” personal effects shipping company.

OSS is a long-established FIDI member in Australia and has fully-serviced customs and quarantine bonded warehouses and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane together with long-term associates in the other major cities.

The owners of OSS are Andrew Sorrell and Bob Wray, and they both work actively within the company to ensure the Quality standards they established are maintained.

As Bob Wray says “the secret to the success of OSS has been specialisation from Day One in the international side of shipping personal effects, as a consequence our staff are well-trained and our crews are experienced in the specialised task of international packing, handling and stowing”

Overseas Shipping Services Accept FIDI FAIM Accreditation