What insurance options do I have when moving overseas?

Although your shipment will be packed to export standards designed to withstand the the longest journey, the small cost of insurance gives you complete peace of mind with regard to the exposure and rigours inherent in moving from one side of the world to the other.

OSS World Wide Movers strive at all times to eliminate risk to ensure peace of mind in relation to your move.

When you move with OSS, you know that your goods are always in the best of care, wherever in the world you are moving to.

However, you will appreciate that the distances involved, coupled with the rigors of local or international transit and storage, means that on occasions loss or damage to your shipment can occur.

For total peace of mind you are urged to utilise the OSS MOVECOVER Insurance Package to ensure you are duly compensated for any unforeseen loss or damage which may occur.

Shipping and Marine Transit Insurance