Transporting a piano internationally with care.

Shipping a piano overseas needs extra care. We only use the best carriers to ensure care and safety.

Transporting a piano internationally is generally a smooth process. Customs officials might notice antique pianos or older models with ivory keys when they arrive at their destination.

Antique pianos, because of their historical significance and potential value, often require extra scrutiny by Customs authorities. Some are special because of their unique features, designs, or connections to famous composers or musicians. As a result, Customs officials may want to ensure that they properly declare and account for these valuable instruments.

Similarly, older pianos with ivory keys can also raise concerns at Customs. Ivory, being a restricted material, requires proper documentation and permits for its international transportation. Customs officials may want to verify that they legally obtain and comply with international regulations the ivory used in the keys. This is particularly important to prevent the illegal trade of ivory and protect endangered species.

To address these concerns, Customs may request additional documentation or inspections for antiques or those with ivory keys. This could include providing proof of ownership, historical records, appraisals, or permits for the ivory keys. The rules ensure that the piano is legal and authentic. They also prevent smuggling and illegal trading.

When transporting antique pianos or older models with ivory keys internationally, individuals or organisations should know about the Customs procedures. Proper research, documentation, and compliance with international regulations can help facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transportation process. It is important to get help from OSS World Wide Movers experts. This will ensure that we follow Customs rules and safely deliver the piano to its destination.

If you are unsure of the background of your piano, or any other musical instrument, to let us know. Especially if it were not a recent purchase within the last few years.

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Shipping a piano overseas