How do I ship my personal goods to the USA?

Shipping to the USA with OSS brings over 40 years of specialist international shipping experience between Australia and the USA.

This experience ensures a safe and efficient Shipping process for your personal effects, which are sent to the USA in professionally packed and secured shipping containers.

At OSS our network of FIDI / FAIM accredited partners cover the whole of the United States, so we can ship your personal effects from door to door.

Our partners in the USA are well versed in all aspects of the requirements for importation of personal and household good shipments.

As OSS is an independent company, we are fortunate to be able to choose the best and most suitable company to handle the clearance and delivery of your effects for your situation.

This guarantees you a seamless, tailor made move to the USA, right through to your new home, not only for your personal effects and vehicles, but also for your much loved pets as well.

Shipping to the USA with Owner Packed Goods

If you are shipping items which have been packed by yourself “owner packed” then they will attract more stringent inspection by Customs on arrival in the USA.

Providing a detailed carton by carton inventory assist Customs in inspecting your shipment and may avoid unnecessary delivery delays.

It is advisable to have your goods packed by your shipping company if you are looking at sending larger consignments to ensure the clearance process can be conducted with a minimum of fuss.

Shipping Cars to the USA

Shipping motor vehicles and motor bikes to the USA is possible provided Customs criteria are met.

This service is usually depot to depot meaning the motor vehicle will be collected from our partners depot in the USA following customs clearance once your shipment arrives in the USA.

Customs may require evidence that the owner of the vehicle has lived abroad for 12 months or longer, e.g., copy of passport with date stamp showing arrival in overseas country, or copy of lease/rental agreement on overseas residence.

Shipping Boats to the USA

Shipping a boat to the USA has similar requirements to Shipping a car to the USA when it comes to registration requirements and process.

Customs and Quarantine in the USA will have a special interest in the boat shipment due to its exposure to marine life, however as Australia has a fairly clean marine environment your boat or jet ski etc should pass customs and quarantine with very little fuss.

Clearance Requirements & Timeframes when shipping to the USA

Clearance of your shipment into the USA takes approximately 5 to 7 working days for an FCL (Full Container Load e.g. not a shared container), and 7 to 10 working days for a GRP (Groupage or shared container load) once the shipping container has been unloaded from the vessel.

Marine Transit Insurance – OSS Movecover

Although your shipment will be packed to export standards designed to withstand the the longest journey, the small cost of insurance gives you complete peace of mind with regard to the exposure and rigours inherent in shipping from one side of the world to the other.

Shipping to the USA