Shipping to switzerland for private personal effects only, non commercial shipments.

Can I pack my own goods when shipping to Switzerland ?
It is recommended that you do not ship items to Switzerland which have been “owner packed” as they will attract stringent inspection by Customs on arrival. It is advisable to have your goods packed by your moving company to ensure the clearance process can be conducted with a minimum of fuss.

Can I take my pets to Switzerland when shipping my personal effects?
It is recommended to send your pet through a registered pet transportation agent who will be able to contact all the relevant agencies in Switzerland. More information about relocating pets can be found in our moving links section of this website or speak to an OSS World Wide Move Consultant.

What charges are involved when shipping my belongings to the Switzerland?
The cost of shipping will vary according to a range of factors; Freight type, if you container is personalised or shared, the nature of your items (ie. fragile, exotic etc). Please submit an enquiry and/or request a quote to find out more information on what it will cost to ship your belongs to Switzerland.

Shipping a car to Switzerland?
Shipping motor vehicles and motor bikes to Switzerland is possible provided Customs criteria are met. This service is usually depot to depot, meaning the motor vehicle will be collected by you from our partners depot in Switzerland following customs clearance. Customs may require evidence that the owner of the vehicle has lived abroad for 12 months or longer, so a copy of your passport with date stamp showing arrival in Switzerland, or copy of lease or rental agreement on in Switzerland would be sufficient.

Shipping a boat to Switzerland?
Shipping a boat to Switzerland has similar requirements to moving a car to Switzerland when it comes to registration requirements and process. Customs and Quarantine in Switzerland will have a special interest in the boat due to its exposure to marine life, however as Australia has a fairly clean marine environment, your boat should pass customs and quarantine without any problem.

How long does shipping to Switzerland take?
Once the shipping container has been unloaded from the vessel, clearance of your shipment into Switzerland takes approximately 5 to 7 working days for an FCL (Full Container Load e.g. not a shared container), and 7 to 10 working days for a GRP (Groupage or shared container load) .

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Shipping to Switzerland